New life for a old lighthouse

New life for a old lighthouse

Ulvesund Fyr is built in 1870. Until 1985, it was lighthouse keepers and families who lived their lives here, taking care of the light, the houses, the garden, their animals and each other. After the last lighthouse keeper left in 1985, and the light became automatic, the lighthouse was empty for many years, without life and care.

In 2003, a new life started for this old lighthouse. Sølvi Helen Hopland, who were born and raised in Osmundsvåg, close to the lighthouse, and played with the lighthouse children in her childhood, started restoring the lighthouse to open it for the public. Friends and family helped her fullfilling this dream about people filling the house again, shoes in the hall, laughter between the walls, music, berries, smell of coffee and cakes. In 2008, she married Heinz Aemmer from Switzerland, who made this web page and did a lot of restoration work in the lighthouse. Until the spring of 2013, they ran the lighthouse as a couple and family. In July 2013, aggressive cancer took him away from us. Sølvi now wants to give tribute to him for all he has done by continuing running the lighthouse. A great staff has made and makes it possible.

Together with many other norwegian lighthouses, this has become a part of a special norwegian lighthouse history, part 2. Many norwegian lighthouses now have been restored into cafes, overnight places and galleries.

The atmosphere and surroundings at Ulvesund Fyr is created through more than hundred years, and coloured by different lighthouse keepers from different times who have put their personality into the house and garden.

Some lighthouse keepers loved to plant berry trees and herbs. Others liked to restore and repair. They all took part in making Ulvesund Fyr what it is today.

The lighthouse shop is in the former ”guard room”. The café is in the livingrooms where the lighthouse keepers and their families had their parties, played the organ, made handcraft and spent stormy winterevenings together. The solid wood-oven is still in use today, and gives a good heating and odour in the house.

Also the old lighthouse lamp is a part of the café. Here the lighthouse keepers had to light the fire at certain and very exact times, and remove (sot) from the windows so the boats could move safely on the sea. Now, are guests can enjoy their kaffe latte or fishsoup in this small light-room, with a fantastic view to the sea, the mountain Stadt and the car-free island Silda. To sit in the old lighthouse room and let in the spectacular colours from the evening sun that makes a peaceful and warm wall behind the blinking light from the new, automatic light tower further down, is something our guest really appreciate. This is also a favourite place for those who love painting and drawing, and for children who find it interesting to count the passing boats.

At Ulvesund Fyr you can see walls, doors, furnitures and floors from different times. Most of the furnitures are donated by locals who wanted to take part in making the lighthouse a cosy and unformal place to be, like it also was as the lighthouse keepers lived here.

As our overnight guest, you will sleep well and comfortable in our soft beds, accompagnied (?) by the sound of the waves and the passing boats.

The facilities at Ulvesund Fyr are small and personal, and a good place to get to know others. Here, you can also taste traditional food from the region, and cakes made from recepies used by former lighthouse wifes.