Details of the lighthouse

At the lighthouse we have up in Fyrloftet 3 rooms, At the lighthouse there is one  bathroom with bath tube in the ccrridor. Downstairs, there is another bathroom with shower. One toilet in the house.

Lighthouse - Loft


The Panel-room has 3 beds and floor space for extra beds. This room has a great view to the sea, the marine traffic and the sunset. Perfect for a family or a small group of friends.

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„Toromsen“ - „The 2 room-er“ consists of 2 rooms, where you have to walk through one room to come to the next.  There are 2 beds in each room, with floor space for extra beds. Perfect for a family.

If free capasity, we also rent out these rooms as double rooms.

Toromsen room 1

Toromsen room 2


- Singleroom: NOK 560,- inkl. breakfast

  1. -Room for 2-5 persons from 15 years old: NOK 450,- incl. breakfast

  2. -Pr child 5-14 years old: 350,- incl. breakfast

- Additional charge for linen: NOK 150,- / bed

- Special rates for groups